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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Home care workers forced to pay union dues

What the CSEA local 1000 (a branch of the AFL-CIO) has managed to accomplish in the state of New York is absolutely appalling.

This state union was able to successfully lobby the Legislature to change the wording in the New York State Labor Law to include a fair share program in an attempt to collect forced union dues from subsidized home child care workers and home health care workers.

Here is how it works. The home care provider receives some of their income from the parties being taken care of and the rest of their income comes from the county department of social services as a subsidy. The county department of social services has advised the providers that they work for the families that they care for and are not connected to social services in any way. Under the new regulations, the home care providers are now FORCED to pay union dues,whether they choose to become a union member or not.

These new regulations took effect in January of 2012. The dues are automatically deducted from the subsidized county social services portion of the care providers' check at a rate of 2 percent per month or up to $690.00 per year. The home care provider has absolutely no choice in this.