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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How Obamacare is costing people their jobs

EPJ tells the story of a woman who has, like many other Americans, fallen victim to the job-destroying monster that is Obamacare:

A friend tells me about terrible news his wife received on Friday. She is a college professor on a non-tenure track. The college just notified their non-tenure track teachers that because of Obamacare they will not be able to continue to employ them on a full-time basis. My wife's friend is now teaching 5 courses. Starting in the Fall, she will only be allowed to teach 3 courses and she will not be allowed to teach summer school classes.

Now, get this, my friend has a full family health insurance coverage with his firm, so his wife told the college that she doesn't even need health coverage from the college, but they said that doesn't matter. If she was to go back to full time hours, even without coverage, the way Obamacare is written the cost to the school would be prohibitive.

It was clear early on that restaurants would start eliminating full-time employees, but this news suggests that many other employees may start switching to part-time employees where they can. The second half of 2013 could be extremely chaotic because of firms readjusting their staffs. It could get pretty bizarre with many just holding down multiple part-time jobs instead of full time jobs, all because of Obamacare.